Little Feet - Long Walk

Hello and welcome to my blog. This blog is the journey of our family after Millie, our 2 year old daughter, was discovered to have a large brain tumour. The tumour was caused by an aggresive cancer named anaplastic ependymoma. Please feel free to read as much as you want and spread the word. If you want to know more details about the diagnosis then it is best to start at "The beginning ... " which was written in May 2011. But you are welcome to follow us from today. I have created pages that summarise the events leading up to the start of going to Florida for proton radiotherapy at the beginning of June 2011, about 8 weeks after diagnosis.

The beginning ...

At the end of February 2011 Millie was ill. She took to her bed and didn't want to eat but didn't have a temperature or any vomiting. This lasted for about 4-5 days and then she got up and started eating again. However, she was pretty wobbly on her feet. Three days later she had a relapse and took to her bed for another 3 days. Again, she got up and started eating and behaving like a child who was recovering, except that she could barely walk without help. Two days later she collapsed again. This time she was in bed for 2 days and we were on the verge of being sent to hospital for further investigation when she perked up again. But this time she couldn't walk.

I gave her a few days to regain her strength and then took her to the GP. We gave her another week to see if there were any changes - nothing. So, we were referred to the pedeatric department of our local hospital. Somewhere along the line we were bumped to orthopedics because of her inability to walk. We were eventually given an appointment for the 17th May (a 6-7 week wait). I was NOT happy with this and went back to the GP. She tried to bring the date forward but had problems getting in touch with any of the consultants who all seemed to be away. By this time, I was off work with stress.

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